Thinking outside the square

Working together to unlock the full value of your property

“Location Group made the whole development of our new EMA Employment Campus smooth and painless. They handled the entire process, from a comprehensive initial audit and recommendations through to the final construction of the 4 storied building that sits alongside our existing premises.”

Kim Campbell

Employers and Manufacturers Association (Northern) Inc


We help individuals, groups and corporates with joint venture arrangements that take the stress out of property development.

If you would like to talk about how a joint venture can make your property development plans a reality, please call Mark Weipers on +64 9 638 8370 or email him.

Here are just some of the ways a joint venture with Location Group can work for you:

  • You want to change the use of your property and increase its value;
  • You want to release capital from your property;
  • You want to downsize existing operations and free up more space for other uses;
  • You want to sell off-market because of confidentiality issues relating to staff, neighbours etc;
  • You have an existing lease liability that is obsolete;
  • You want to retain control of an asset and need additional finance;
  • You own a family property that has development potential but don’t have the funds – or simply don’t know where to begin.

Making Space for EMA

Employers and Manufacturer’s Association
(Northern) Inc, Newmarket

The Employers and Manufacturers Association (Northern) Inc appointed us as their exclusive development partner for their Employment Campus in Newmarket.

“We wanted to future proof the site so that it continues to meet our own growing demands, while at the same time make it an appealing address for tenants,” Kim Campbell, CEO of the EMA explains.

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Turning books into hardware

Penguin Books, North Harbour

Penguin Books had plans to grow. As part of those plans they wanted to move from their Wairau Road building into new design-built commercial premises. But what to do with their existing building – and a nine year lease?

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Bringing tire giants together under one roof

Bridgestone Firestone, Mt Wellington

Bridgestone had recently acquired Firestone Auckland and wanted to bring both operations under the one roof. With more tires, a bigger complex was needed. There was just one catch, they still had a nine year lease on their existing commercial property in Newmarket.

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